Write a Blog Post Using This Unique Grounding Activity

October 2, 2020

Ever wonder if there’s an alternate way of writing a blog post?

Well, look no further!

I don’t talk about my social work career much, even though it’s a hugely fulfilling part of my life. I became a social worker to help people and I’ve been fortunate enough to support children and families, often at the most vulnerable points in their lives. Children who are especially vulnerable or have high needs benefit from a reset. Who doesn’t? I often use a grounding activity with my high acuity kiddos, which has also helped me in stressful and important situations.

It can also apply to writing blogs. How you ask? Even if you didn’t ask, I’ll tell you.

Here’s an easy sensory grounding activity. You can use this to gain more perspective on the message you’re trying to convey and provide imagery for your readers. This is a countdown from five. First, think of five things you can see. Then four things you can hear. Choose three things you can touch and two things you can smell. Finally, think of one thing you can taste. Can you put any of this on your website? Absolutely!


  1. See
  2. Hear
  3. Touch
  4. Smell
  5. Taste

Let’s say you’re writing a baby blog or a party planning service. Can you put the reader in the right mindset to think about your message or think about their children? Can this activity encourage the reader to think about an upcoming baby shower, or a specific product? Maybe they’ll think about your product or something you’ve curated? Ask your reader questions while giving them imagery. 

Blog Example:

“When you walk into a baby shower and see the glowing faces, smell the baked goods, and hear the happy chatter and sweet music in the background, what do you think is missing? Is it an evening ambiance missing the all-important lighting? Is it the missing banner and balloons? What is important at a baby shower and what would you rather skip? I can help you decide the things that are important and things that will make the party run smoothly. Send me an inquiry to start planning the baby shower in your family! Until them, here are five useful tips to start planning an awesome shower.”

This grounding activity solves the following problem:

This could be a social media post, a blog post, or a caption in your service descriptions. The statement gives imagery including sight, sound, and smell and asks what could be missing. This could be inspiring to the reader or a further invitation to seek your services as a party planner. The message is welcoming and provides some tips as additional content to further showcase your work or your message.

Try this: You might find my Blog Outline Checklist helpful. It’s a quick, free download and has examples you can utilize if you’re a visual learner or if you want a different perspective!

Using a grounding activity is important to refocus on the bigger picture. Sometimes it’s easy to get so stuck in your niche, you might go off on a tangent that doesn’t interest your reader and you lose the main idea. For example, if you pursued the baby shower post further and discussed diaper brands, diaper costs, and cloth diapers versus disposable, the reader could get lost. Maybe the reader just wants to support their friend and go to the baby shower. 

Don’t be too specific about too many different things, separate your topics and don’t forget to see the big picture to reach the largest audience. 

Instead, make a new post specifically about diapers and it will find it’s audience.

There are plenty of baby butts out there that require this specific information.

Remember to put yourself in the reader’s shoes. How can the reader use your information to better their life? If the problem is throwing the perfect baby shower, how will you solve the problem? You can educate and support them because you’re the expert in your own business.

Good luck on your blog! Have faith in yourself and take it one day at a time. Blogs don’t always explode overnight but chase your passion and you’ll be a rockstar.

FREEBIE alert! Download my free pdf outline guide for your blog. Happy writing!

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