10 Free Resources to Help Your Writing and Blogging Skills

December 10, 2020

Over the last year, I went through a clicking spree to grab all the free material I could about making my blog successful. Sometimes, I would download multiple how-to-guides on the same subject.

Wait, isn’t that the definition of insanity? Quite possibly, yes.

Like anything else, people learn in different ways and learn differently depending on the teacher. You remember that one special teacher–that teacher who connected you to the subject? That one teacher in middle school, in high school, in college, on YouTube, or at work is easy to remember because they make it exciting to learn about the material. Do you like a lot of personal examples? Do you like blunt and to-the-point? Do you like lots of visual aids? Do you like some humor mixed in? Finding a teacher you connect with is the best way to learn anything. After all, this is your business, your baby! You’ve agonized over the name, the platform, your mission, your audience, your voice, your products, every description, and every detail. You can’t take just any person’s word for it! Find someone who brings out your passion.

Disclaimer…I don’t KNOW know any of these people. I might feel like I know them because I follow their Instagram accounts and download every free thing on their website but I don’t know them personally.

Jenna Kutcher

This woman created an empire on your favorite social media platforms. If you haven’t heard from her, you might be living under a rock or maybe you’re just working too hard.

Her online presence in a nutshell might be: writes inspiring and empowering content, pushes other entrepreneurs to reach their goals, teaches marketing & engagement, has a sweet podcast, focuses on a positive self-image, and shares her life as a mommy & wife (and I didn’t even mean to rhyme). Since we’re on a first name basis over here, Jenna has tons of resources and tips on her website that will motivate you to take advantage of all her knowledge! 

Ashlyn Carter

I found Ashlyn’s website about six months ago and already I want to open a bottle of champagne.

Fo Alexander

This business woman is an outlining genius. Fo Alexander lays everything out so you know exactly what you’re getting and she doesn’t hold back. I’ve successfully stalked her Instagram account, her YouTube, and her website mamaandmoney.com. I haven’t yet checked out her podcast but I’m doing a lot of driving this week so that’s what I’ll be doing. Fo talks about managing money and being independent. I honestly hate talking about money and financial goals but this girl is straight-forward and has an easy calm presence that makes talking about finances enjoyable.

Vanessa Lau

I swear this girl knows how to get things done fast! Like so many of these other resources, Vanessa has taught me about connecting with readers, reaching different demographics, and creating strategies to make my life easier. She creates a no-nonsense picture of what it’s like to work for yourself and she kills it! She teaches with such a blunt, creative, and fun style, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. She grew her business so fast and obtained a ton followers in record time for obvious reasons.

Vanessa’s Bossgram Blueprint is

Carol Tice

Carol Tice has the most perfect url. You can’t get more to the point than having your website named makealivingwriting.com…no question about her online business.

Arfa Nazeer

I found Arfa Nazeer’s website,

Sarah Turner

This is another great URL! Sarah Turner has

Elna Cain

I follow Elna Cain on

Ryan Robinson

I subscribed to Ryan Robinson’s newsletter


I took the content strategy course through Hubspot and it did not disappoint.

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