Hey I’m New Here!

August 6, 2020

Hi there fellow person, I thought I’d introduce myself! I’m Jennifer and I started a blog because I love to write and chat about stuff, but mostly write. I have one friend who calls me “Jenny From the Block” and that makes me feel fancy. I’ve tried to get people call me JPo but it never caught on…or did it…?

I’m excited and inspired to create my own corner of the Internet world.

I live in the woods with my handsome old man (hubs), squirmy goober (son), bears (doggies), and lots of squirrels (actual squirrels).

My blog focuses on my writing journey, helping others build their writing skills, blogging tips, proofreading, editing, syntax & semantics, fiction writing, grammar lessons (yup), and researching. I also go off on some tangents and have a personal section of my blog that includes posts about my faith, family, mental health, pregnancy, raising squirms (kiddos), parenting, gardening, and living in the woods. Side note, don’t pay too much attention to my gardening posts, I’m really bad at it! There may also be some random content about our 12-year-old doggo Panda Bear.

I’ve been blogging here and there for about ten years. I’ve started multiple websites for the last one hundred years but never took them too far.

I know…I look great for my age right?

Unfortunately, my lack of commitment was definitely connected to a lack of confidence. God gave me the desire to write starting at a very young age but it still took years for me to consider this one of my spiritual gifts. I know I’m a good writer and a better editor so I’m going all in! I have good insight into what is considered good writing and what is considered meh writing (technical writing term). Then there’s always the old adage, “there’s no such thing as good writers, just good editing,” which holds a lot of truth. Who said that?

The reason I started a blog is simply because I think about it. That’s it.

I think about writing every day. I think about stories and article ideas, poems, anecdotes, and ways to challenge myself and improve my writing style.

If I asked you why you’ve given up what you started, would you say you didn’t have time? Would you say fear of rejection? Not knowing where to start? Fear that a certain person or persons would find out? Maybe your parents are too conservative for your idea or the idea will interfere with the way you earn an income. Maybe your friends aren’t supportive.

Maybe you aren’t supportive…of yourself?

For me, it was all of the above. I wanted to be a writer since I learned the alphabet – a serious writer. I would write casually disturbing content that was much more mature than my third grade brain. Subjects like death and trauma were not strangers to my stories. So much so that my mom got a call from my third grade teacher asking if this was normal and if everything was “okay at home.”

The emo was strong in me.

I wanted the perfect word, the perfect phrase, the perfect title for each chapter. Then in 2010, long after finishing the third grade, I started my first blog on a website called moonfruit. I wanted absolutely everything I put out on the internet to be absolutely perfect and represent the genius Patty Smith/Mark Twain/Vonnegut-esque writer I was. Riiiiiight.

Insert perfection quote…

I must’ve tried a dozen different website-building platforms with a dozen different tag lines and a dozen different themes. But the platform didn’t matter as much (yes, I’m in full support in starting sentences with “but,” “and,” and “with” for casual writing like blogging, but we’ll get to that later). I wrote great content but I didn’t keep up with my thoughts, ideas, reading, or researching. For years, I was so worried about my outward online appearance and having perfect content that I stopped what I was passionate about.

Let your personality shine with anything you do! Don’t let your idea of perfection or your fear of failure get in the way of pursuing your dreams. I KNOW that’s easy to say, but if you want something bad enough, put in the work and go get it!

So put on your favorite sweatpants and design that website, write that story, finish that dissertation, create that jewelry, paint that masterpiece. Then get your something new out into the world so your third grade self will be proud.

Cheers to you fellow person!

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